Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this F.A.Q. before contacting me, to see if your question is already answered, thank you!

Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost? (the Netherlands)

  • Shipping costs include postage, packaging and processing the order and are partly based on the total weight of the parcel, but mostly on the dimensions. The final costs are calculated during checkout, but I can give you an indication, because at the moment it comes down to 2 categories: SMALL (fits in your mailbox) and BIG (for larger packages).

  • Category SMALL: 20x20cm Art Prints, Cards, Pins & Stickers (+other small items) are shipped for € 4,85 (with Track & Trace) in the Netherlands

  • Category BIG: 30x30cm Art Prints (+other large/heavy items that don't fit through the mailbox) are shipped for € 7,65 (with Track & Trace) in the Netherlands

Why is it not possible to ship to my country? (International)

  • With the webshop launch (Fall '23) I made my items available to addresses in the Netherlands ONLY. This way I can get all the hiccups out of the system, on a manageable scale. I will probably open the shop up for international orders in Spring '24! Sign up for my Newsletter to be the first to know when I do.

  • For international orders, shipping costs do not include any import fees, taxes and local VAT charges. That is different in every country, so please check these before ordering, to know what to expect. They will be charged by the carrier, not by me.

  • I'm starting small and adding countries on demand. If you would like to order and your country is not available yet, send me a message and I will look into these countries first!

When will my order be shipped and how long does it take?

  • Unless stated otherwise with the specific item, all paid orders are shipped on Mondays (holidays excluded, they will be shipped the first following studio day). Your order has to be paid before Monday 8:00 AM CE(S)T to be included. Orders placed after that moment will be added to next weeks batch.

  • Within the Netherlands packages have a delivery time of 1-2 business days (also with the exception of public holidays), from the moment they are scanned and taken into the postal system, but sometimes it takes a bit longer.

  • International packages are expected to be delivered within 2 weeks. Make sure you pay your Customs Charges etc. directly, if your country has them. Un-claimed international goods are returned to the sender and new shipping costs will apply, as it is a new shipment.

  • I am not responsible for delays during shipment, but if it is taking a lot longer than it should, contact me, so I can try to get more information about your order.

  • Notice: When your order includes an item with a special shipping date ('out of stock' item or 'preorder'), the complete order will be shipped on the date of that item. If you would like to have the other items sooner, please make separate orders for it.

I entered an incorrect shipping address. Can we still fix it?

  • Always double check the shipping address before placing your order. If you did enter an incomplete/incorrect address, let me know as soon as you can! Reply to the Order Confirmation in your email, and hopefully I can change it in time. If not, the package will probably be returned by the carrier and unfortunately I have to handle it as a new shipment, with additional costs.

Something else went wrong with my order. What do I do?

  • So sorry to hear that! Please reply to the Order Confirmation in your email if you received one, and I will try to help you fix it. If that is somehow not possible, email me and provide as much info about what went wrong. Thank you ♥

Can I also pick up my order at your studio in The Hague?

  • This is not possible at the moment, but it might be in the future for original artworks.

  • You can however visit my studio during Open Ateliers Den Haag, in the first weekend of October, to shop in person.

Other Questions

Where can I find your Policies and Terms of service?

My Refund policy, Privacy policy, Terms of service and Contact information are listed in the website footer.

Is it possible to find out more about how your items are made?

  • Visit my website to view the work in progress stages and the stories behind the items in my shop. These pages are often listed with the items as well.

How 'eco' or 'environment friendly' are your products?

For all my products I try to find the most ecological option as possible, for what fits the design best and what is available at my printers.

  • My items are (if possible), printed with vegan inks
  • My products are (if possible), printed on recycled paper, paper made from agricultural waste, or on paper made of hemp instead of trees
  • My cards are protected by biodegradable protective sleeves
  • My cards come with 100% recycled paper envelopes

    If you have any tips for improving the ecological footprint of one of my items, I am always open for your suggestions.

I have a question that is not listed here. Where else can I look?

Please check my Contact Page to see the other options to get your answer.